Amethyst Brush Collection - Full 12 Piece Set

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Full 12 Piece Brush Set

Introducing our brand new Amethyst Brush Set, inspired by our favourite type of crystals 'Amethyst'.

This 12 piece brush set is a super fluffy set that is a must have for any makeup lover. The fibres are 100% cruelty free but made with our super high tech fibres to create a beautiful finish to your makeup. Each hair is lightweight and super fluffy so it is easy for you to create a super soft makeup look.

Full Set Price: £37.99

Set Includes:

5x Face Brushes, 7x Eye Brushes.

Set Brushes includes: Foundation, Powder, Concealer, Bronze/Blush, Eyeshadow, Point Brushes and Smudge Brushes.

All Brushes are 100% Cruelty free and made from the highest synthetic fibres.