Celeb-Bee-Wax Eyebrow Wax & Growth Serum

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Included is your Eyebrow Wax and 1 Spoolie Brush.

Celeb-Bee-Wax is about to change your brows forever! Infused with Castor Oil to help brow your natural brow hairs, This brow wax will lift, shape and give you the appearance of having laminated brows in just a quick stroke!

How to use:

Step 1: Wet your spoolie brush

Step 2: Dip the spoolie into the hole inside the wax soap and swirl the brush

Step 3: Apply to the brows in a upwards motion

Step 4: Tap the finger on the brow brushing into the skin

Step 5: Comb once more with your spoolie brush to perfect them, and you are done!

Easy laminated looking brows, that look super runway, super fluffy and on trend!

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