Figi Lashes

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Celebrity Lashes - Figi

Celebrity Lashes are 100% Cruelty Free!

Figi lashes are the perfect and on trend as on the inner corners are short and then longer on the ends giving you that feline, cat eye effect to your lashes! This lash will give you the effect of have individuals lashes but it's a stripe lash! Our lashes have a FAUX Mink effect.

How to use your Celebrity Lashes

- Remember that your strip lashes may need cutting. Simply measure them to your eyes and cut the end of the lash band to fit your eye.

- Apply your eyelash glue to the black band and wait 30 seconds until the glue goes tacky, and then apply in the correct place.

- You can reuse your lashes up to 25 times! Simply store them in the little lash box they come in!

-  When removing your lashes simply pinch the lash from the outer edge using your fingertips and gently pull the false lash away from your lash line.

Celebrity Lashes are 100% Cruelty free!